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Flowers Bundle, featuring the hand Drawn sketch of America's first Modern Mary Garden!

Your PDF bundle will include 3 gifts:

1. The 31 Day May Flowers Table including a flower for each day, the common flower name, the Medieval Mary Garden traditional name, botanical name, and virtue. This list was compiled by combining research from the John Stokes' Collections and the May Flower Calendar and poetry in Mary's Flowers, Garden, Legends, & Meditations, by Louis Gemminger (1854). Table complied by Rebecca Even

2.  The May Magnificat by Gerard Manly Hopkins.

3. The hand-drawn garden plan of the Americas's first Modern Mary Garden Garden, funded by Francis Crane Lilly in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
Mr. and Mrs Lillie funded the Angelus tower in Woods Hole, to remind the scientists of M.I.T. Research Center about the necessity of keeping God at the center of their research. After learning of the Medieval Mary Garden tradition while visiting a European Monestary, Mrs. Lilly returned to the United States and funded the historical research to reconstruct the medieval tradition. In 1931, the first American Modern Mary Garden was planted in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

It is our hope and our prayer that this inspires you to learn more about the tradition which religion forgot, but science maintained (more on that later).

Mary's Flowers
Garden's Legends & Mediations Book by Vincenzina Krymow,
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Garden's, Bee's and Christmas Tree's ...

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Rebecca Even

Hi My name is Rebecca. I am an author, speaker, song writer but not singer and floral designer . (more on that later). I did not write Mary's Gardens, but I did get the book back in print. My love lanugage is flowers and the Blessed Mother. My favorite self-description is a lyric written by one of my favorite singers Marie Bellet “ I am just an ordinary sinner wondering what to cook for dinner". oh and I have really bad ADD too. : ) I have been told I am an evangelist as I will share something about Jesus, Mary or the Saints with anyone who will listen. Our goal is to launch a weekly newsletter in March 2024,  entitled Garden's, Bee's and Christmas Trees.  It wil feature vinettes from the Medieval Mary Garden Tradition, The communion of Saints, and Celebrating Christmas all 12 Days. I know your inbox is more than full but give it a try for a Month.  My prayer is that the work we share here will inspire us to walk closer with Christ, his Mother and Saints on our journey through this valley of tears.

Pax y Bien,
Rebecca Even

Prayer of St.Francis of Assis before the Cross of San Damiano:

Most High and Glorious God, bring light into the darkness of my heart. Give me right faith, certain hope and perfect charity, insight and wisdom, so I can always observe your holy and true command. Amen

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